Obsessed with my Filofax. Seriously.

When my (sometimes) lovely husband goes on one of his many work/boys nights out he usually buys me a little present to thank me for being so understanding (ha!) and this weeks gift was the most loveliest filofax I have ever seen!!!  Now anybody who knows me know I am a bit of a stationery hoarder (pens, notepads….. even paperclips!),  I’m also a huge girly girl so a canary yellow with pink love hearts was always going to go down a treat – the boy picked well!!  Plus I’ve been wanting one for a while so ‘over the moon’ would be an understatement!

My lovely lovely filofax!

I was so excited to receive my filofax that I ran to Paperchase as fast as my little legs would carry me to purchase as many add ins as I could find!  Most useful so far is the ‘to do list’ pages (although I seem to be eating them up a the moment as I’m so busy at work so may become an expensive luxury!) and the very cute post it pack as beautifull demonstrated below:

Mini post its – oh so cute!! 🙂

However my favourite thing about my Filofax is the completely insane jealousy it caused my girly friends who are now demanding their husbands/boyfriends provide them with their own beautiful little book! 😉  Seriously though, for career girls who are also into a bit of luxury I would highy recommend a filofax for the practical aspects alone.  For those, who like myself, love a little bit of cuteness I would definitely suggest you invest in a Filofax Heart Personal Organiser – they also do one in pink!!




Hello world!

Hello world!  This is me!!


I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to use my blog for, so expect some eclectic ramblings, but here are the main things you need to know about me:


  1. I’m 28, newly married, live with my husband and two dogs in north east england
  2. I love make up, I really can’t help myself!!  My favourite brand is Nars, but I don’t really discriminate!! :)
  3. I work in HR and I’m somewhat of a workaholic, often in the office at 7.30am!  Love my job, but it’s a challenge and very stressful!
  4. I love food!  When I read other peoples blogs they tend to be cooking blogs (or make up!), although I am a particularly faddy eater!
  5. I’m sociable and outgoing – love my family, love my friends, love meeting new people, generally love life!